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4 hr/mo @ $220.00 monthly

For more information on metabolism testing, F.A.Q.s and a video on how the test works, check out the  link below.

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1 hr/mo @ $55.00 monthly

Learn how to work smarter, not harder at reaching your weight loss and fitness goals!

Metabolism testing shows you what is going on inside your body, revealing the mystery of your own metabolism. Testing identifies your unique Target Caloric Zones (your personal sweet spot) so you can successfully reach your weight loss goals without depriving yourself. The results from your test will show you how to eat the maximum amount possible and still lose weight. Learning how to eat to your metabolism will free you to leave conventional diets behind and move on to a healthy and satisfying lifestyle. Testing will also provide insight into when your body goes into 'starvation mode' where your body will break down and burn critical muscle tissue for needed energy while holding on to fat tissue, which is all too often the case with low calorie diets.

Why do you need metabolism testing?  There is no such thing as one size fits all especially when it comes to how many calories you need each day. There are numerous formulas that provide an estimate but these formulas are based on the law of averages, and most of us are not average. Additionally, your genetic make-up effects your body's ability to burn calories contributing to a metabolism that is unique to you and cannot be forced into a pre-defined mold.

Metabolic Rate Testing is the gold standard for determining the number of calories your body burns at rest. Testing is simple and painless . . . you simply sit back, relax and just breathe. Testing only takes about 10 minutes. It is conducted by a Certified Nutritional Counselor who will review your results with you and provide a brief assessment of those results, as well as identify your metabolism as normal, slow, or fast.

NOTE: Testing requires a 4 hour fast from all food, caffeinated beverages and any strenuous exercise or activity prior, as well as avoiding any high intensity exercise for 12 hours prior to testing.

Individual Coaching, One on One

40 Day Program - $40.00

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Metabolism Testing; a.k.a. Metabolic Rate Testing

Wellness Coaching


We work with you to establish realistic goals and focus on helping you achieve those goals. We will help you to identify challenges and come up with methods for tackling and moving past those challenges to enable you to find success and truly prosper in the area of your health.

Wellness coaching programs are conducted individually or in groups. Frequency based on needs and budget. Options include once, twice or four times monthly. Rate: $55 for each hourly session (may also be split into 30 minute sessions).

To watch a video that explains about metabolism testing and why you need it, click the image below.

21 Day Program - $21.00